From generation to generation


The Gusella company was born in a period in which the windows were still completely built by hand, with the precision of a craftsman, the individuality of an artist and the innovation of an engineer. The knowledge and ability to build a high quality wooden piece of furniture was passed from generation to generation, and today these values ​​are combined with modern technology to create a unique and exclusive product of the highest quality: The Gusella windows.

Our technical department designs unique and customized products for every single customers’ need, our internal production works and assembles carefully,checking every little detail, performing all the most important steps by hand.

Each window is the result of love for details and decades of experience and development.


The story of the Gusella family is a story that began in the Sixties in Mornago, a small town in the North of Lombardy a few kilometers from the Swiss border. It is there that Virgilio Gusella first and his sons Fabio and Massimiliano then chose to keep the spirit and the heart of their companies. Thus, starting with a small carpentry shop in the centre of the town, this exciting adventure of high carpentry began, specializing in the construction of wooden windows.

In the 1990s Fabio’s intuition led to a turning point: the interpretation of the construction of traditional wood windows in a modern manner, paying particular attention to energy savings and acoustic protection. From that moment a path of great success started that changed the destiny of the company and the Gusella family.


Today the company continues to preserve the art
and commitment of the whole family.

Thanks to the passion, experience and commitment of the people who work there, as well as the careful selection of the highest quality materials, Gusella represents excellence in the sector of the construction of artisanal wooden windows of the highest quality. Using cutting-edge machinery and a highly qualified technical staff, Gusella produces windows and French doors of the highest quality not only for the Italian market but also for France, Switzerland, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Israel and the United States, confirming its entrepreneurial vocation and exporting the „Made in Italy“ comprising excellent craftsmanship, customized products and attention to every detail, without of course neglecting the customer relationship.


A principle that applies not only to products but also to  companies.

Since its founding, the Gusella family has combined the search for innovation with precise and careful manual labour aimed at obtaining the highest possible quality.
Keeping faith with their tradition, this was the only way to keep up with the times and satisfy the unique requests of the most diverse customers all over the world.

For your safety Gusella Protect was born.

At GUSELLA PROTECT’S origin there is the principle that design and performance are an essential factor, even in the case of a high need for safety.

Thanks to its different traits, the PROTECT safety system is able to adapt to various levels of safety required up to class CR3, offering fire resistance up to 60 minutes, resistance to hurricanes and projectiles.

Furthermore Gusella Protect offers a wide range of solutions to adapt to most of your windows.

Quality without compromise.

Longevity, perfect design and workmanship and specifications superior to those required by the sector are Gusella standards.

No product leaves our factory until it has been carefully checked and tested for its absolute perfection.

Of course, this practice is time consuming, but it is worth every second and our customers will recognize its merit.

Over the years, Gusella has obtained numerous certifications, which attest the high quality of the production and the installation system of its frames.